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Philosophy & Commitment

Another reason why 9 Oliveres’ products are so extraordinary lies in both philosophy and commitment of the company itself. Not only do the products need to be exceptional, but the company also has to ensure that their consumers can reap the benefits quickly and effectively.

Of course, safety is another major concern, and if an olive oil comes with plenty of side-effects, people will simply avoid it. So the reason why 9 Oliveres’ olive oils are so great lies not only in the products themselves but also in the company’s vision as well.

9 Oliveres uses the latest technologies and innovations to make all these outstanding oils. We also use the same technologies to know exactly what kind of nutrients our olive trees require. We also use the safest ecological fertilizers on the market to provide the tree with the best growing conditions. That way, we can ensure that our oils are nothing short of outstanding.

Although we don’t have endless supplies, we try to use them in the best way. We always want to provide the best value for an affordable price.

The company has 900 olive trees in total, but we use only the healthiest ones to produce our oils. The fruit needs to be in perfect condition or it won’t end up in the final product.

Now, when do we harvest our olives? The perfect moment for that is at the end of October or beginning of November, and that’s exactly when we gather our resources. At that point in time, all olives are at a stage called “PRE ENVERO”.The olive oil obtained that way have the best aromas and flavors one can achieve. Sadly, the quantity of olive oil obtained is lower and consequently, the whole process is more expensive. However, we decided to do it that way in order to assure the best possible quality.

Production and safety 

All of our oils are made by grinding our olives, and the whole process lasts for less than 15 hours. We don’t use any chemical products or pesticides. The safety of our products is just as important to us as the overall quality. We always strive to protect our workers from harmful chemical compounds and we always implement the latest safety standards.

At the same time, the company uses several preventative measures to ensure a better overall protection as well. We are training olive growers and we keep the records of all of our raw materials. At the same time, we always double-check all of our equipment to ensure that it’s completely clean of any harmful pathogens. Water quality is just as important as well. By monitoring this quality regularly, we always ensure that none of our equipment is contaminated by the residual pathogens.

So when you combine all of these aspects, you can be sure that all of our oils are 100% safe and healthy.