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9 Oliveres - Variety: 100% Blanqueta

Blanqueta is one of the strongest brands that you will find in 9 Oliveres’ shop. As the name suggests, the product is made from an olive type called “Blanqueta”. The quality that comes with 9 Oliveres’ Blanqueta is truly one of a kind.

Now, what does “Blanqueta” actually mean? The name is derived from the Spanish word “blanco,” which means “white.” So in this case, the name Blanqueta is a reference to the whitish color of the olives themselves.

blanqueta aceituna

Olives that you can find in this high-quality product come from “Sierra de Mariola” Natural park in Cocentaina. This particular variety that 9 Oliveres uses is an autochthonous type from that exact location. As of recently, however, you can find the same type of Blanqueta in other places like La Costera and La Vall d’Albaida. Even though they are quite sensitive to temperature changes and hard winters, the quality of their oil is truly exceptional.

Blanqueta is one of the best olive varieties in the world. Even though some olive oils have Blanqueta in them, not all of them have the necessary quality. And that’s where 9 Oliveres really stands out — by maximizing the full potential of this glorious olive variety, the company is able to provide one of the most effective olive oils on the market. And not only will you get extraordinary value, but you will get it for a very affordable price as well. When you have such a mix of price and quality, you know that you are not dealing with just another regular product!

aceituna blanqueta

Flavors and benefits

What about flavors? As our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 100% natural product, you can be sure that 9 Oliveres doesn’t use any artificial ingredients, and that applies to flavors as well. The flavors come directly from the most notable Spanish mountains, as well as raw (and soft) olive oils. They combine the tastes of freshly cut green grass, a light plantain fragrance, and tomato. On top of that, you can sense the following flavors — cucumber, green apple, almond, and banana. Overall, it’s a sweet olive oil, but you will definitely feel some light bitter and spicy additions as well.

9 Oliveres’ Blanqueta is not only a superb product, but it’s also very healthy. Thanks to the high concentration of polyphenols, not only will you get an outstanding cooking oil, but you will also get an oil that can significantly improve your health. These components have strong antioxidant effects, and they can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well.

blanqueta 9 oliveres
The bottom line

Overall, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Blanqueta" is a must-have for anyone who wants a high-quality olive oil. With a combination of strong flavors and a whole range of different health benefits, this is the oil for everyone. And at the same time, it’s easily the best olive oil in the world!