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Olive oil on an empty stomach: Is it really so beneficial for our health?

Olive oil on an empty stomach: Is it really so beneficial for our health?

Among the most popular home remedies is eating a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach every morning. Tradition suggests that it helps improve the immune system (prevents the spread of diseases) and also has slimming benefits, but do we know what is true about this remedy? Next, we are going to analyze it:

Olive oil on an empty stomach does it prevent diseases?

The European Food Safety Agency in a 2011 report recognized the benefits of EVOO when it comes to regulating the concentration of triglycerides in fasting blood. For this reason, we can not only confirm that there are no contraindications for taking olive oil on an empty stomach, but also justify why it is common for health professionals to advise taking a teaspoon of olive oil to avoid cardiovascular diseases.

So, can we say that olive oil CURES diseases?

Absolutely. To date, there is no food that has sufficient properties to cure diseases. What we can affirm is that olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, and its nutritional properties are linked to a lower risk of suffering from obesity and vascular diseases.

With a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach, will I be able to lose weight?

In the strict sense, no. It is true that several nutritionists affirm that olive oil helps moderately to relieve constipation, but this function should not be confused with being a natural laxative. However, it is worth mentioning that the Mediterranean diet -which, as we indicated before, is based on olive oil- is one of the most recommended by the World Health Organization. Going on a diet with zero kilometer products, adjusting the quantities and recovering traditional recipes such as steamed vegetables will help us achieve our goals.

REAL benefits of olive oil

In our previous article, we learned 9 benefits of olive oil for our health. We recommend taking a look at the 9 tips and expanding them with the benefits that we are going to name below:

  1. Promotes the health of the diabetic: A tablespoon of olive oil daily improves the level of sugar in the blood.
  2. Fights osteoporosis: Different studies suggest that regularly consuming olive oil favors osteoporosis problems since it improves bone mass and, therefore, decreases pain.
  3. Combat ear pain: Just slightly moisten a swab in olive oil and insert it into the ear.
  4. Avoid snoring: Olive oil lubricates the muscles of the throat, preventing snoring from occurring.

Use and conservation of olive oil to preserve its healthy properties:

  1. Heat the oil over medium heat to better control its temperature.
  2. Keep the oil from smoking. If it happens to you, discard it. When the oil burns, it alters its properties and causes heavy digestions.
  3. Reuse the oil up to 4 times and reuse it only with the same foods: that is, if we use that olive oil for the first time to cook meat, so that it does not lose its properties, the following 3 times that oil should be used to roast meat.
  4. Do not mix new olive oil with an already used one.
  5. Do not mix olive oil with other types of oil, as each oil burns at a different temperature.

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