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  • Natural Lamb Hass avocados of supreme quality and natural cultivation.
  • They have a mild flavor and buttery texture, which makes an exquisite combination for the most demanding palates.
  • We want to offer this product fresh and freshly picked from the tree, without going through cold stores. We thus allow to preserve all the properties of the product and its authentic flavor.
  • Excellent option for fresh salads or combined with cheese and extra virgin olive oil. For the most daring palates it can be combined with a cream with chocolate and banana
  • The fields where we grow avocados are located in a unique location such as Callosa de Ensarriá, less than 5km from the Mediterranean Sea, but in an elevated area. The mild climate allows to grow this delicacy.




Alqueries de Benifloret, 130C ES

480 meters

9 hectares

3 people

Cultivation techniques
100% Ecological

Irrigation system
Drip irrigation with its own well

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rosa María Tornero Blanco
De 10

Muy satisfecha, el pedido llegó perfecto. El aceite excelente. Y la atención por parte de Claudio de 10. Se puede pedir más???

Pepita ortega
Excelentes productos

Saludos: Me enviasteis recientemente aceite, aguacates y mermelada de tomate. Pues bien, la calificación mia para los tres productos se define como EXCELENTE.

un buen aceite

Todo a la perfección y disfrutando de un buen aceite y un trato inmejorable en todo momento. Un saludo

Agustí Guimerà

Gran calidad y un sabor exquisito.

Ferran Clarà Carbonell

Ens van agradar molt els alvocats pero ara no hem pogut repetir ja que no hen teniu tornarem a repetir quan hen tingueu.


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